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Vara 2009 - The power of now, Eckhart Tolle


Londra, Acton, e vara, iulie-august, e cald, sunt cu capu in nori toata ziua.
Ma trezesc, mie foame, mai e pan' la doispe-unu, deschid calculatoru, o frec aiurea pe net cateva ore, se face 12, ies din casa, merg voios spre Damian Centre culegand chistoace, poate am noroc si gasesc si vreo doua cu iarba, am cu mine un marcăr cu vopsea si mazgalesc pe unde apuc "", acolo o sa fie siteul meu, tre sa stie lumea. Ajung la centru, mananc ceva si plec. Inca nam gasit iarba, pornesc din nou in cautare, gasesc vreo doua trei, fericit ma intorc acasa sa le rulez. Ajung acasa, rulez, ma sparg si pictez.

Intru pe mess, dau un mass, iar am pus ceva pe blog. Raspunde un prieten, vorbim despre albumu nou a lu' Raku, trip buddhist, dintruna-nalta imi zice despre o carte, un audiobook tare, imi da torrentu, pun la tras, "The power of now - Eckhart Tolle"
You are here to eneable the divine purpuse of the universe to unfold - that is how important you are...
Ascult o parte din carte, eu nu sunt mintea mea, ce tare, inseamna ca depresivu care ma tot streseaza pe mine din cand in cand nu sunt eu, e doar mintea mea.
Ies iar din casa, nu mai am iarba, tre sa caut, cu gandu la albumu lu raku, trec prin fata unei cladiri, vad steagu romaniei... ce o fi aici ? Intru, ma intampina un domn foarte amabil, aflu ca e un centru buddhist... ce tare e universu!

Ma intorc acasa, am iarba, rulez, ma sparg si ascult in continuare despre puterea prezentului. Interpretez eu cumva si incet incet in cap mi se formeaza o idee...
daca pe pamantu' asta exista de fapt un singur om si toti oamenii sunt de fapt gandurile acelui om?

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Everything good and everything bad exists in the world, the world is within ourselves,
the problem comes with identification, you can other identify with good or bad, but truth is you are neither somehow, you are both, you are the observer.

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Ashes and snow

I've watched it a few times, its amazing every time, search for "Ashes and Snow" and watch it !

Monday, 28 June 2010


About a year ago I began looking into sacred geometry, shortly after that I discovered The Flower of Life, at first it just looked like an interesting pattern but the more I look into it the more amazed I am, a lot of the questions I had about this world, about nature, about our purpose as human beigns, about the universe and much more find their answer within The Flower of Life, within sacred geometry. 
The amazing thing is that sacred geometry is so fix and so precise and when you look around in nature you find all this randomnes, I mean it twirls my mind a bit when I think about it, there are exact and precise proportions and relationships all around us, in nature, in the universe and so on but it all looks so random.
It is so dazzling, you get the answers through science, mathematics and all that, and we all know that science is not a big fan of religion and the spiritual world, but when you look at it all, when you see the harmony, the beauty in the "numbers" in how everything is "set up" you realize the divine, you realize that all of this must be happening for a purpose, everything is how it is for a reason and there is more than meets the eye in most things around us.
There is so much that we can do and we have great power within us, we have "tools" all around us, the greatest of them all lies within... in knowing one self and understanding certain things, a long path to follow but one that's definitely worth it.
About all of this and much more are the videos that follow, with Drunvalo Melchizedek in a quite long presentation, take your time and watch it, it is AMAZING, I would love to hear what some of you think about it in the comment for this post, thank you and 
e n j o y 


That's all folks, hope you've enjoyed it, don't forget to leave a comment ;)

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Hello World!

Hello and welcome to my blog! Not a lot of stuff around here yet but there will be soon. I am currently working on my portfolio and that takes up most of my time, I shall post a link to it here pretty soon. Till then... e n j o y !

Stay tuned!


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