Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Home of the brave: Dacians - Unsettling truths - Full movie 2012

"Have you ever ever hear of this far away place 
In little corner in Europe
We got lots of hot girls and gypsies golo
The best place you can think of
We party and sleep all day
We steal in Spain and still get away
We the land of choice, not the home of the brave
You come around here see if you wanna stay...

Saturday, 23 June 2012

The heart has a mind of its own

dont grow up,

its a trap

The untold story of the US national debt

The us national debt 

is not $15 Trillion Dollars,

it actually goes somewhere 

around $50 Trillion Dollars


Download the PDF with all the info here:


Monday, 11 June 2012


The lyrics  

❝Stăpânirea păgânilor, ne ia-nălţimea culmilor,

Moştenirea străbunilor, întrunirea bătrânilor

Aşa ne-au sleit simţirea şi unii mor cu amăgirea

Că viaţa presupune numai supravieţuirea

Deci, ridicaţi privirea căpcăunilor

Ca să vedeţi înrobirea românilor

E ca venirea hunilor, asta-i ştirea nebunilor

Nenorocirea sfidează închipuirea

E timpul pentru dovedirea minciunilor.

PRaaaaa!❞ Haarp Cord - Lacunele Istoriei

Mastering the pagans, we take the peaks,

Heritage ancestors, elders meeting

So we were feeling exhausted and some die with disappointment

That life means only survival

So look up the giant

To see enslave Romanians

It's like coming Huns, that's insane news

Affliction defies imagination

Time to prove lies.


The song
Haarp cord - Lacunele istoriei

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