Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Home of the brave: Dacians - Unsettling truths - Full movie 2012

"Have you ever ever hear of this far away place 
In little corner in Europe
We got lots of hot girls and gypsies golo
The best place you can think of
We party and sleep all day
We steal in Spain and still get away
We the land of choice, not the home of the brave
You come around here see if you wanna stay...

Saturday, 23 June 2012

The heart has a mind of its own

dont grow up,

its a trap

The untold story of the US national debt

The us national debt 

is not $15 Trillion Dollars,

it actually goes somewhere 

around $50 Trillion Dollars


Download the PDF with all the info here:


Monday, 11 June 2012


The lyrics  

❝Stăpânirea păgânilor, ne ia-nălţimea culmilor,

Moştenirea străbunilor, întrunirea bătrânilor

Aşa ne-au sleit simţirea şi unii mor cu amăgirea

Că viaţa presupune numai supravieţuirea

Deci, ridicaţi privirea căpcăunilor

Ca să vedeţi înrobirea românilor

E ca venirea hunilor, asta-i ştirea nebunilor

Nenorocirea sfidează închipuirea

E timpul pentru dovedirea minciunilor.

PRaaaaa!❞ Haarp Cord - Lacunele Istoriei

Mastering the pagans, we take the peaks,

Heritage ancestors, elders meeting

So we were feeling exhausted and some die with disappointment

That life means only survival

So look up the giant

To see enslave Romanians

It's like coming Huns, that's insane news

Affliction defies imagination

Time to prove lies.


The song
Haarp cord - Lacunele istoriei

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Thursday, 5 April 2012

No house payments and no utility bills

This guy is quite interesting and the alternative he provides is not something new, the problem is that most people don't even know this is possible, either they just don't care or they haven't been educated(informed) about this kind of stuff...
I say, lets forfeit the ill economic system, lets stop buying things that we don't need just because everyone else does, take 5 min and consider what do you really need to lead a happy life for you and your family...
There's no rush, take small steps, one thing at a time, and slowly stop being dependent on the economic system that keeps you in the mediocre and unhappy life you might be living. Be Free!

How to have a home with no house payments and no utility bills:

slide... ;)

Monday, 2 April 2012

google shot my blog down

During the weekend google decided to take my blog down, I am not yet sure why exactly. In fact they took my entire account down...I've contacted them to find out why, probably a big misunderstanding, lucky that I had a copy of the blog offline and I can still leave this archive here for a while, 'till I found out what happened. I used a diffrent google account to publish it... nice workaround huh? Google can't stop me ! The problem is that all the images that were uploaded on the old account are now deleted, so you can't see them, sorry for that :(

In the next few weeks I will buy a custom domain and install my blog there, if you want to stay in touch follow me by email, fill  in the sidebar form 

google deleted my blog

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Owls and their symbolism 2012

image source: here
I'm seeing a lot of owls around this year, on the internet I mean, I wish I could go to some forrest to catch a glimpse at a real one, I did saw a beautiful one a long time ago while in the forest in the city of Piatra Neamț on the Pietricica mountain.
They are quite interesting birds, their eyes do not move in their sockets and they can turn their heads up to 270 degrees which is quite nice, I wish I could do that sometimes.
But I'm not gonna talk a lot on this topic as there is a lot of information out there and most of you also learned about this in the Biology class during secondary school, I don't think I know more than what was teached then, but I will expand my knowledge cause I'm planning to paint one pretty soon, what I will do now though is talk a little bit about the symbolism of owls...

Owls are solitary nocturn birds. Nocturnal creatures are symbolic of inner-knowledge, psychic abilities, and lots of intuition. Birds are considered by many cultures to be like messengers, but with a special message, between earthly creatures and spirit.
Globally the owl is very much connected with magic, shamanism and heightened senses throughout time. Some are thinking of the owl as a “cat with wings” as they share similar lines of personality.

In the middle and far eastern cultures, the owl is the sacred guardian of the life after death, ruler of the night, a seer and keeper of souls transitioning from one plane of existence to another.

In ancient Greece Athena had attribution of an owl, goddess of wisdom and foresight. This symbol was used on Greek coins and therefore also became associated with wealth.

When native americans think of owls they think about wisdom and sacred knowledge. A native american shaman would call upon Owl medicine for insight into the truth of ill-intent. Some Plain Indians wore owl feathers to protect against evil spirits and such.

In the west african and aboriginal australian culture also, the owl is a messenger of secrets, and guide to medicine people.

Europeans in the celtic tradition view the owl (cailleach-oidhche), representing wisdom, clairvoyance, stealth, initiation, change and detachment. She is always aware of its surroundings, she uses intuition courageously, with rich insight into hidden truth, guiding between earth creatures and underworld gods.

In the medieval times in Europe, owls were believed to be witches and wizards, shapeshifters in disguise.

Summary of Owl Attributes:The owl is still considered a witch's companion, sharing unique spiritual communication between them, and even sharing the same secret powers of the night. Today, the owl is often used as a symbol for education, and used as a graduation mascot.
Many cultures have associated the following attributes to the owl:
intelligence, brilliance, wisdom, power, knowledge
intuition, messages, mysticism, mystery, unconscious, silent observation
independence, protection, bravery, transition, longevity, reincarnation
If You Are Drawn to the Owl
The owl’s gift of heightened senses enables it to see through deception, external appearances and illusion and to discover hidden truths.
If you are drawn to owls or owl symbolism, you may have this same ability to uncover secrets. People may feel uneasy around you, as if you are able to see through pretence. The owl also teaches us to acknowledge the dark side of our personality, and in that darkness we may find food for growth.

image source: here

If people do not speak words that reflect the truth of their actions and motives, owl medicine (as referred to by aboriginal cultures) will guide you with vision and inner knowing to reveal the truth. The owl puts an end to doubt and offers vision and clarity of the truth of events, people or circumstances in your life. source: here

other image sources:

Monday, 19 March 2012

Why do big corporations use certain colors in their logos ?[part1]

Why do big corporations use certain colors in their logos ?
I am asking this question and hoping from a direct answer, but I'm 99.9% sure I will NOT get it... but you never know :P

My question is if these logos(Google, Microsoft Windows, Apple and many others) use these colors with a spiritual meaning, with a cultural meaning or some other occult reasons. I am not sure if it's a combination of all 3 stated above, but I'm sure all of them are doing it knowingly of what they are doing... My question is, do they bother to tell us also? or is it private information?

Maybe I haven't done enough research and this information is already freely given somewhere out there, if so please point me to it, leave a comment to this post.
Maybe the designers behind the logos have something in common, maybe not... who knows...

But why do ALL of these logos use all of the Rainbow(ROGVAIV) colors or somthing that suggests that, are they related to the energetic chackras in the human body ? Or is it just something to suggest multiculturality, globalization and wide range of services ?

This is a visual representation of the 7th chackra, the crown chackra in the human body,
the sahasrara :

Don't know anything about human chackras ? 
Here is a short introduction from wikipedia
The concept of chakra originates in Hindu texts, featured in tantric and yogic traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism. Its name derives from the Sanskrit word for "wheel" or "turning" (...)

So if it has something to do with roation...this is the same chackra representation rotating very very fast:

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The Thought Chakra or Crown. It is located near the top of the skull and is our center for enlightenment. This Chakra presents us with the gift of cosmic consciousness allows and the universal flow of wisdom to flow freely through our being This is also the location where life passed into our physical body. Our souls enter into the body through theCrown Chakra at birth and leaves from here when we pass on. If unbalanced one may experience constant frustration, depression, and lack happiness and joy in life. When in balanced this Chakra grants us the ability channel the Divine and link our subconscious and unconscious minds.  SOURCE HERE

I will try this experiment with the logo's above(apple, microsoft, etc etc) ... subscribe with your email in the sidebar widget to see how they look like in a few days :)

e n j o y

Sunday, 18 March 2012

A buddha will be misunderstood

I enjoy Osho's talks, my favorite one has always been the one about the heart sutra(you can find a link in the sidebar on the right hand side under "Audio Books Torrents", just bellow the popular posts.)
I like how simply he explains complex stuff about buddhism, zen, yoga, psychology and the mind. I do recommend not to go straight to the one about the heart sutra, but start with more simple things, whatever you find resonates with you, and like Osho says if you do follow his teaching, only follow his teaching, do not follow teachings from 10 masters and expect to get one central strong ideea, you'll end up very confused and you'll mistake the tree for the forest.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Human 2.0 - Creating Gods BBC Futuristic Documentary

As the present is not so great for most of us, I say lets watch this BBC documentary about some vision into the future, a vision about singularity, transhumanism and such things.
Technological singularity refers to the hypothetical future emergence of greater-than-human intelligence through technological means, very probably resulting in explosive superintelligence. Do some research of your own or follow me by email(insert your email in the field there) just bellow, on the right hand side of the video and I'll let you know when I find out more interesting stuff.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

RE: Invisible children and their campaign Kony 2012

Kony 2012, the movie about children in Uganda that became one of the biggest virals the internet has seen, with millions of views in only few days. This video was created by a suspicious organization that goes by the name of "Invisible Children".
I myself shared it after viewing it only to find out later on that its all kind of scammy, the "Invisible Children" organization is a fraud and their way of raising awarness is very well thought propaganda that does not reveal the full truth, and were exactly they are using the money you donate for the kony campaign as well as other campaign they are doing.
All that being said, I think there's more to this(even more than the videos bellow will tell you about how wrong the "Invisible Children" organization is...I'll keep updating this post with more info I find about this odd scam, subscribe with your email in the box on the right hand side for updates.  subscribe here ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ►  ► ► ► ► ► ► ► 

NOW, watch the full length bulls#it:

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