Saturday, 10 December 2011

卐 Swastika

The swastika (Sanskritस्वस्तिक) is an equilateral cross with its arms bent at right angles, in either right-facing (卐) form in counterclockwise motion or its mirrored left-facing (卍) form in clockwise motion. Earliest archaeological evidence of swastika-shaped ornaments dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization of Ancient Indiaas well as Classical Antiquity. Swastikas have also been used in other various ancient civilizations around the world. It remains widely used in Indian religions, specifically in HinduismBuddhism and Jainism, primarily as a tantric symbol to evoke 'shakti' or the sacred symbol of auspiciousness. The swastika is also aChinese character used in East Asia representing eternity and Buddhism.
soon enough you will all be me and I will be you

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